This figure consists of a rectangle and semicircle.What is the perimeter of this figure?Use 3.14 for pi.24.00 ft30.28 ft34.28 ft36.56 ftHELP ASAP WILL GET BRAINLIEST AND 10 POINTS!! IF CORRECT

Accepted Solution

To find the perimeter of this shape, you will need to calculate the distance around the figure.  This would include 3 sides and the distance around half the circle.  We know the 3 side lengths are 10ft, 10 ft, and 4 ft.  To find the distance around half the circle, we need to find the circumference of the circle (distance around the entire circle) and divide it by 2.  To find the circumference, use the formula C = pi x diameter.  So, 3.14 x 4.  This equals 12.56.  We will divide this by 2 to get 6.28 ft.  So, 10 ft + 10 ft + 4 ft + 6.28 ft = 30.28 ft. The perimeter is 30.28 ft.